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Lots of novelty ceramic salt and pepper shakers now in stock - look in the new section to see all the fun new arrivals! We have lots of Disney salt and pepper shakers as well as cartoon salt and pepper shakers such as Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, Tinkerbell, Yogi and Boo Boo, Popeye, Snoopy, the Jetsons, Dagwood, Eeyore and much more.

We also have licensed salt and pepper shakers such as Elvis, Star Trek, Marilyn Monroe, Scarlett O'Hare, Lucy and Ricky, the Wizzard of Oz, Cheers and much more!

All salt and pepper shakers on this site are ceramic.

We are dedicated to finding the most interesting, whimsical and unique salt and pepper shakers we can find. We offer novelty salt and pepper shakers that will make you smile. We are constantly updating our site with new finds and specials. We have the perfect pair of new salt and pepper shakers for every collector.

Salt and pepper shakers make great gifts. So browse through our pages and see what unique and novel salt and pepper shakers we have for you. From bird salt and pepper shakers, dog salt and pepper shakers, cat salt and pepper shakers, cartoon salt and pepper shakers, lots of animal salt and pepper shakers and all kinds of novelty salt and pepper shakers we should have what you are looking for. We have what you need to keep your salt and pepper in style.

You will notice that several sets are discontinued by the manufacturer. When these salt and pepper shaker sets are gone thats it. You can't get them anymore. So if you like any of them don't wait!!